Clean Air with
Natural Gas
in Transport

In addition to low GHG emissions, natural gas is the cleanest fuel able to guarantee in all the operating conditions a particulate-free combustion, aromatic-free and close-to-zero NMHC (Non Methanic Hydrocarbons), as well as dramatically reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

In heavy-duty vehicles, natural gas combustion also provides an immediate reduction in noise pollution. This is particularly interesting in urban areas for over-night operations and provides comfortable performance in terms of vibrations.

Natural gas is one of the key solutions not only to fight climate change but also to improve air quality in a cost-efficient way.

Such measures would be especially important in many urban areas where high levels of noxious pollutants are already present.

Even for power generation and the maritime sector, a switch to natural gas provides an overall benefit, especially when considering the need to reduce GHG emissions and pollutants in the ECAs (Emission Controlled Areas).

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