NGVA Europe, the Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association, promotes the use of natural gas and biomethane as an automotive fuel.

NGVA Europe represents leading companies and associations from Europe involved in natural gas and biomethane as a vehicle fuel, including manufacturers of vehicles and components, gas suppliers and gas distributors.

NGVA Europe is committed to expanding the market for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs). Natural gas offers substantial benefits to the environment. It emits less CO2 than any other hydrocarbon and has very low pollutant emissions (particulate matter and nitrogen oxides or NOx). Natural gas can be mixed with biomethane and synthetic gas produced from waste, biomass, excess electricity and other natural, renewable sources. Natural gas mixed with biomethane considerably lowers CO2 emissions from NGVs.

NGVA Europe contributes to informed policy making in a continuous dialogue with EU institutions and Member States. NGVA Europe cooperates with several organisations (CEN, Unece and ISO among others) to harmonise and consolidate European and international standards, to secure cost-effectiveness, quality and safety of both natural gas vehicles and natural gas as a fuel.

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